Rixx G2. Smart and stylish.

The ergonomic designer housing with situation push button for program change combines a discreet appearance with perfect alignment of the hearing system behind the ear. In the G2 generation of hearing systems, a whole range of functions work together in harmony to provide the maximum hearing comfort in any situation. The superb technology in Rixx G2 impresses new and experienced hearing system users alike with the natural and pleasurable hearing experience it offers.

Rixx G2 hearing systems are available in tech level 8 an 16.

The highlight in all RIC hearing systems is the CLIC MOULD 2.0 – a customized, made-to-measure ear mould to ensure a perfect fit inside the ear.

Hörsysteme Rixx G2


rixxg2 ccExceptionally simple and surprisingly comfortable, Rixx G2 is the smallest Audio Service hearing system worn behind the ear. The premium hearing systems with Tech Level 16 technical features are suitabele for a broad spectrum of degrees of hearing loss.


Product Features

      • Receiver-in-Canal hearing system (RIC) with battery size 10
      • Program button
      • 18 Frequency channels
      • 6 Hearing programms
      • Data Logging
      • Noise Manager with Selectronic
      • Adaptronic Multi-Microphone System
        - Omni-directional
        - Directional static
        - Automatic
        - Adaptiv frequency-selective
        - Panorama
        - Speech 360
      • Automatic functions

rixxg2 ccThe exceptionally small hearing systems Rixx 8 G2 with tech level 8 technical features offer a cormfortable and pleasureable hearing experience.



Product features

      • Receiver-in-Canal hearing system (RIC) with battery size 10
      • Program button
      • 12 Frequency channels
      • 5 Hearing programs
      • Data Logging
      • Noise Manager with Impulse suppressor
      • Adaptronic multi-microphone system
        - omnidirectional
        - directional static
        - automatic
        - adaptive frequency-selective
      • Automatic functions