Novamed BG is a company specialized in the field of medicine and products for people with disabilities.

Licensed importer of medical devices, aids, appliances and facilities for people with disabilities, hearing aids, glucose meters.

The company is comprised of professionals in the field of medicine and marketing, incorporating the experience, knowledge and energy to achieve the main goals of the company:

· Maximum satisfaction of our customers.

· Novamed BG seeks to improve the quality of life of its customers through the introduction of medical innovations in everyday life.

· We have for our partners leading manufacturers of medical products worldwide.
· We offer our clients the best quality at an affordable price.
· We offer a wide range of hearing aids - conventional and programmable digital hearing aids stuffy and manufacture of ear devices, pocket hearing aids in bone and air time, and apparatus suitable for hearing treatment of children.
· Creating individual castings, soft and hard, in its own laboratory, with an opportunity to express order within two hours.

· Computer-acoustic diagnostics performed in soundproofed cabin equipped with the necessary equipment and software

· Professional advice on the use and maintenance of hearing aids, as well as free reset.

· Batteries for hearing aids manufactured in England

We offer Bulgarian market high-quality facilities:

Hearing aids, batteries, individual molds, accessories, advice.
Optimal quality at an affordable price.

Novamed BG,

Sofia, ul. "Haidushka gora" 8-12, tel: 0882 050 010,
Office: Pleven 5800, str. "Sv. Sv. Cyril and Methodius" 21 tel. / Fax: (064) 807 170

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