Rixx G2. Smart and stylish.

The ergonomic designer housing with situation push button for program change combines a discreet appearance with perfect alignment of the hearing system behind the ear. In the G2 generation of hearing systems, a whole range of functions work together in harmony to provide the maximum hearing comfort in any situation.

Category: Receiver in canal RIC

Hearing taken to a new level.
The hearing systems in the Mood G2 family are remarkably comfortable to wear and easy to operate. Together with the attractive housing design, the ultra-modern technology deployed enables you to experience a new dimension of hearing comfort across the full spectrum of different hearing situations.
Category: Receiver in canal RIC

Sun. Comfortable hearing pleasure.
Equipped with intelligent technology, Sun hearing systems are a reliable partner in every hearing situation. They restore the joy of listening to speech, music, and everyday and natural sounds. The programmable controls can be used for program switching and volume control. A special feature on selected Sun models is Bluetooth compatibility, which enables the hearing systems to be linked to the telephone, television or radio and used as comfortable headsets.
Category: Receiver in canal RIC


quiX G2, the small uncomplicated hearing system for immediate fitting is available in TL 16, 8 and 4. The quiX G2 sits directly in the auditory canal, which makes it virtually invisible when worn. The position in the ear makes quiX G2 ideal for spectacle wearers.


Category: Receiver in canal RIC

The peak of miniaturization.

The smallest in-the-ear hearing systems from Audio Service are called Icon. These extremely small devices are available as either DIC (from TL 8 upwards) or mini-CIC systems. A DIC is inserted so deeply in the auditory canal that it sits directly next to the eardrum and is therefore not externally visible.
Category: In the ear ITE

Ida – Unique

Ida is a new hearing system model, which completes our in-the-ear portfolio in an optimal way.

Two microphones in the new design ensure outstanding directional characteristics for reliable spatial orientation and differentiated perception of the surroundings. Ida is the first in-the-ear hearing system with a programmable rocker switch, allowing very easy and relaxed operation.

Category: In the ear ITE


Small and versatile

The Sina in-the-ear model is a small hearing system that can be used for a broad spectrum of different types of hearing loss. The hearing system is made as a CIC model, meaning that it is worn very discreetly in the auditory canal. The push button integrated into the battery compartment lid makes it very easy to use.
Category: In the ear ITE


Modern and comfortable

Vega in-the-ear hearing systems are produced in designs ranging from mini canal to semiconcha, that is, they sit right at the beginning of the auditory canal. The push button integrated in the battery compartment lid makes them very easy to use. Depending on the Tech Level and features chosen, the push button can be used for adjusting hearing programs, adjusting volume, or as an on/off switch.

Category: In the ear ITE


A real boost.
The Power in-the-ear hearing systems from Audio Service combine high levels of comfort, technical sophistication and power in a small hearing system that's almost invisible in the ear. Because these systems sit so deep in the ear, they retain the natural amplification of sound and are therefore highly effective in maintaining directional hearing.


Category: In the ear ITE


The Nova 2 range comprises powerful BTE hearing systems featuring particularly impressive robustness. The new Nova 2 Mini is the first Audio Service Power BTE that also supports open fitting. With its potentiometer wheel and program button, this small and attractive Power hearing system is very convenient to use.


Category: In the ear ITE