Minimized design, maximized performance.

Live life the way you want – don’t let hearing loss stop you. Insio™ is a tailor-made hearing solution for your individual ear and hearing loss. It may be so small that it is hardly visible, but it is full of incredible functions: Its advanced technology automatically adjusts itself to your personal hearing preferences over time and offers excellent sound quality and speech understanding. Plus, Insio comes with a true world’s first: Thanks to binaural OneMic directionality, even tiny CIC models have the ability to enhance the ear’s natural directionality to the front. This allows for a more precise speech understanding – especially in noisy environments.

Furthermore, Insio offers outstanding wireless connectivity to stream crystal-clear audio from a wide variety of Bluetooth-enabled sound sources directly into your ears. To provide you with perfect handling comfort, all its models are remotely controllable. Insio combines an exceptional listening experience and supreme convenience with wearing comfort that makes it easy to get out and enjoy any adventure.

Insio offers:

  • Advanced BestSound™ Technology
  • Premium wireless connectivity for absolutely convenient control and audio streaming from Bluetooth-enabled devices
  • Available in four tailor-made models in an ergonomic design for a perfect fit:
    ITE (in-the-ear)
    ITC (in-the-canal)
    CIC (completely-in-canal)
    IIC (invisibly-in-canal)
  • Directional microphones in ITEs and two-microphone ITCs, that provide a superior binaural hearing experience to help you concentrate on your conversation partner
  • Binaural OneMic directionality in CICs and other single microphone custom aids, that provides superior speech understanding thanks to enhanced directionality
  • A tinnitus function to manage tinnitus and improve hearing at the same time
  • Vent for optimal ear ventilation
  • Windscreen to suppress annoying wind noise

Super power. Super connectivity.

Family, friends, colleagues – even strangers – the people we meet are our link to the world. Never miss a conversation with Nitro™ custom super power hearing aids, which can help you stay involved and active by significantly improving your speech understanding. Available in three models that are customized to fit your ear perfectly, their maximum amplification and sophisticated technology help you to hear more clearly, even in difficult listening situations. Nitro custom learns the way you want to hear and automatically adjusts itself to your preferences. In addition, nearly all models offer wireless connectivity and onboard controls for convenience and easy manual control. Nitro custom’s power, quality and functions help you stay connected and get the most out of life.

Nitro features:

  • Directional microphones that focus sound to help you concentrate on your conversation partner*
  • Tinnitus noiser manages tinnitus and improves hearing at the same time.
  • Nitro’s feedback canceller ensures whistle-free wear
  • Vent for optimal ear ventilation
  • e2e wireless™ 2.0 allows for synchronization between instruments and connection to electronic devices, including those with Bluetooth® wireless technology
  • Three models:
    • ITE (in-the-ear)
    • ITC (in-the-canal)
    • CIC (completely-in-the-canal)


The perfect soundtrack for life.

We help you easily tune in to the melody of your life with the Orion™ range of custom hearing aids. Available in different models to ensure a perfect match for your individual needs, these hearing aids are customized to perfectly fit the shape of your ear canal and the settings can be tailored to your personal sound preferences. Orion’s enhanced technology quickly adapts to your hearing needs, making automatic adjustments and leaving you free to focus on living. Orion custom hearing aids help you truly enjoy the soundtrack that sets the scene for your memories.

Orion custom hearing aids are fine-tuned and made to last:

  • The custom fit ensures a high level of wearing comfort
  • Enhanced technology lets your Hearing Care Professional customize the settings to give you individual sound
  • Orion’s microphones focus on sound from in front of you while reducing noise from other directions, helping you to concentrate on your conversation partner
  • Optional wireless connectivity
    • Enables use of remote controls for simple and discreet adjustments
    • Improves spatial hearing by helping left and right hearing instruments work together
  • Vent ensures ventilation of the ear for a more open fit
  • Select models include convenient controls for easy adjustments
    • Program change button to switch easily between settings for different listening situations
    • Rotary volume control for spontaneous manual adjustment of volume settings
  • Excellent feedback cancellation prevents bothersome whistling noises
  • Orion’s tinnitus masker can relieve the symptoms of tinnitus and improve your hearing at the same time

Orion custom hearing aid table 276px

Orion Sirion granddaughter whispering

Tune into the soundtrack of your life.

The Sirion™ line of custom hearing aids brings the music of life to your ears. It helps you focus more clearly on the voices and sounds you long to hear and is so easy to use that you can really concentrate on the moments that matter most – all with a tiny hearing aid made to perfectly and comfortably fit the shape of your individual ear canal. The latest technology adapts to your hearing preferences automatically to create the rich sound quality and clear speech that keeps your conversations going in any situation. Your Hearing Care Professional can help you find the model that best fits your personal needs.

Easy on the ears.

Enjoy the little sounds that make the day perfect: The straightforward, reliable Intuis™ custom hearing aids can help you savor every precious moment with hassle-free handling, comfortable tailor-made housings, proven technology and a nearly invisible design. They offer a great listening experience in any listening situation – so that you can effortlessly hear and enjoy each and every moment.