Minimized design, maximized performance.

Live life the way you want – don’t let hearing loss stop you. Insio™ is a tailor-made hearing solution for your individual ear and hearing loss. It may be so small that it is hardly visible, but it is full of incredible functions: Its advanced technology automatically adjusts itself to your personal hearing preferences over time and offers excellent sound quality and speech understanding. Plus, Insio comes with a true world’s first: Thanks to binaural OneMic directionality, even tiny CIC models have the ability to enhance the ear’s natural directionality to the front. This allows for a more precise speech understanding – especially in noisy environments.

Furthermore, Insio offers outstanding wireless connectivity to stream crystal-clear audio from a wide variety of Bluetooth-enabled sound sources directly into your ears. To provide you with perfect handling comfort, all its models are remotely controllable. Insio combines an exceptional listening experience and supreme convenience with wearing comfort that makes it easy to get out and enjoy any adventure.

Insio offers:

  • Advanced BestSound™ Technology
  • Premium wireless connectivity for absolutely convenient control and audio streaming from Bluetooth-enabled devices
  • Available in four tailor-made models in an ergonomic design for a perfect fit:
    ITE (in-the-ear)
    ITC (in-the-canal)
    CIC (completely-in-canal)
    IIC (invisibly-in-canal)
  • Directional microphones in ITEs and two-microphone ITCs, that provide a superior binaural hearing experience to help you concentrate on your conversation partner
  • Binaural OneMic directionality in CICs and other single microphone custom aids, that provides superior speech understanding thanks to enhanced directionality
  • A tinnitus function to manage tinnitus and improve hearing at the same time
  • Vent for optimal ear ventilation
  • Windscreen to suppress annoying wind noise