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Siemens Is our premium brand. First and foremost, it represents cutting-edge technology and innovation. A strong focus on R&D as well as on audiology is the basis of its success. The brand also offers the broadest portfolio of hearing aids and complementary accessories, fitting software, smartphone apps and diagnostics workflow solutions.

audioservice smallAudio Service is the value brand for the dispenser next door. It has historically maintained a strong focus on ITE products but also offers all styles of hearing aids. The brand is built on a particularly strong partnership with hearing care professionals to ensure hassle-free day-to-day-business with a focus on individual services and solutions.

rexton smallRexton offers outstanding personalized service to hearing care professionals, and as a result has become their trusted partner. Their portfolio comprises BTE, ITEs, RICs and pocket hearing aids. Rexton’s products are globally available, with a strong focus on North America. It was founded in 1955.

am smallA&M Hearing offers good value BTEs, ITEs and pocket hearing aids. The A&M brand has achieved a profile capable of ensuring that all budget-conscious consumers receive the benefits of enhanced digital technology. With a strong focus on emerging markets, A&M Hearing has about 100 years of experience.

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